Your Horse Sales Service

Currently at our yard, we have spaces available for horses or ponies to go on your horse sales service. This kind of service is priced according to the size of the horse or pony. No matter the size, every customer will include all aspects of a horse or pony’s day-to-day care to ensure good horse welfare. Day-to-day care will include riding and feeding your horse or pony, and ensuring it has ample hay and bedding.

Your horse sales service includes being ridden and lunged by our staff to make sure it maintains any training from before it came to us and potentially improves for any prospective buyers. We have a lot of great onsite equine facilities, including a large outdoor arena, indoor arena and vast amount of turnout. We can school, jump and lunge onsite and we will tailor all training to suit the individual horse or pony and their primary discipline.  We are lucky enough to be surrounded by some great hacking routes, which we will also take your horse or pony on.

If you want us to, we can do additional activities with your horse or pony away from our yard; this can be agreed prior to your horse or pony moving to us. We can compete your horse or pony, take it hunting or even just school it away from home, as these are all activities that improve your horse or pony and are useful to get experience of with a professional, making sure it’s ready for sale.

When your horse or pony is ready for sale, our team will ensure it looks best for its adverts. We will groom it, pulls its main and, if necessary, clip it. We will then have a photoshoot with it so the best available photos show it off, which we can then include in any adverts or mentions of horses/ponies for sale.

As part of the your horse sales service, there will be an advert for your horse or pony included on our website. We also advertise on additional websites, including our social media channels, and this can be done for you at an additional cost. We have a combined following online, so we can guarantee your horse or pony will be seen by many and hopefully reach any prospective buyers!

If prospective buyers show an interest in your horse or pony, we will arrange for them to meet on the ground and in the saddle – although we place an emphasis on horse and pony welfare, we obviously want to ensure both horse/pony and rider are perfect for each other. If they like each other, a deposit is placed to reserve the horse/pony and a vetting will be arranged. Once sold, we take a 10% commission from the price of the horse or pony.


Under 13.2HH – £120 per week

13.2hh -15hh – £140 per week

15hh – 16hh – £150 per week

16hh upward – £160 per week