Terms of Sales


Before we start drawing up any contracts for the sale of a horse or pony, we insist that you come to meet them first. This involves spending time with them in the saddle and on the ground: we want to make sure every horse or pony finds its perfect match, reducing any unnecessary returns.

Once you have met and liked the horse/pony, we will ask for a £200 cash deposit if you wish to reserve them. This deposit is valid for one week, which allows for enough time to book and carry out a vetting; you can use our vet or your own. If the horse/pony fails the vetting, which we obviously hope it won’t, the deposit is refundable. After a successful vetting, we allow the buyer seven days to collect their new horse/pony; if the horse is not collected within the week, full livery charges will be incurred at a cost of £150 per week.


We offer a seven-day money back guarantee on all our horses and ponies. However, due to many timewasters in the past, we have had to impose a 10% returns fee that will be deducted from the sales price if the horse/pony is returned. If returned, the horse/pony must return in the same condition it left our yard in order for you to receive your money back; if we are uncertain of this, we reserve the right to have our vet inspect the horse/pony on its return to ensure this.

However, as our aim is to match the right rider with the right horse/pony the first time, we hope you will not have to return them at all and we hope to guarantee a happy partnership from day one for years to come.


We have a number of ponies for sale, which are trained for a variety of disciplines and suitable for any sort or age of rider. We believe there is enough variety on our website to find the right pony for you, but do not hesitate to contact us for advice if you are uncertain. We have years of experience and want to match the perfect pony with the perfect rider, especially as the pony’s welfare is at the heart of everything we do.