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Poseidon Equine Services, based in Westbury, Wiltshire, were created to be a trustworthy horse dealership that puts horses at the forefront of everything that we do. Charlotte has a background in sales and customer service and knows how to take away all the bad things about horse dealers, so you’re only left with the good. She has experiences in all aspects of working with horses, including competing and working for professionals. She has contacts throughout the equestrian world, so understands everything there is to know about it.  No matter what you need from us, we are sure we can provide for you and your horse.

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Sales Service

Currently at our yard, we have spaces available for horses or ponies to go on your horse sales service. This kind of livery is priced according to the size…


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Before we start drawing up any contracts for the sale of a horse or pony, we insist that you come to meet them first. This involves spending time…